Madison is talking so much!  She repeats everything we say and adds new words to her vocabulary every day!  She has become quite the independent little girl…always wanting her to do it.  Her favorite saying is “Madison do it!”  Here is our precious little girl having some “quiet” time on the bed with her books.


Easter Eggs!

Madison enjoyed dying Easter eggs with her cousins and went on several Easter egg hunts…our annual neighborhood hunt, at school, and on Easter morning.  She loved opening up the eggs and seeing the little surprises inside!  Here are a few pictures from the events.

2014-04-19 18.59.58 2014-04-19 19.00.48

2014-04-12 09.50.45 2014-04-12 09.50.58


2014-04-20 12.55.18 2014-04-20 12.57.26